We help move big things!

If you have a load and need a pilot or escort vehicle we are here to help.
All our trucks are certified and setup with all the latest gear; we have them fully kited out with every thing we need to get the job done.

We have a good number of both Class 1 and Class 2 pilots.
All our people have been in or around the hevey haulage industry most of their lives.

We have a long list of pilot moves: Houses (we do a lot of them), Mining gear, Earth Moving gear, Boats,  Film set gear, You name it we have helped move it.



Why use Canterbury Load Pilots?

•    We have Fully certified Pilot vehicles.
•    Our Trucks are registered! So you know there will be no hold ups.
•    Our pilots do this day in and day out.
•    We are species in Traffic control for over size loads.
•    Night or day we will be there.
•    We are always on time to the job, every time!
•    Let us deal with the headache of compliance!

So if you are after a pilot vehicle to make up the numbers on your move or you want a full set we are here to help.

We are independent! We don’t own or have trucks so we don’t move the loads.
If you are after some one to move a load please call and we can point you to some one.

Call us now 0508 WIDELOAD (943 356)

NZ Heavy Haulage